In February of 2020, Sunrise Therapy Services, LLC interviewed local artist Duane Corey who created a painting for the Bridgeport, Connecticut Office.

Exclusive Sunrise Therapy Services, LLC interview with Artist Duane Corey

Sunrise Therapy Services: How did you get started creating art?

Duane Corey: Honestly, I started doing art by doing freehand drawings of comic book characters in the funny papers. Am I dating myself? Do they still deliver funny papers? I was doing things other little kids would typically do at the time. My father was a musician and I was always interested in art.

Sunrise Therapy Services : What inspires you? Why do you create art?

Duane Corey: Seeing people smile is what inspires me. It sounds cliché, but it’s what I was created to do.

Sunrise Therapy Services: What is your most important artist tool?

Duane Corey: I believe the greatest tool for any artist is their imagination. With your mind you create this reality that hopefully others feel connected to.

Sunrise Therapy Services: How did you come up with the idea for the Sunrise Therapy painting?

Duane Corey: I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do for the Sunrise Therapy painting but I did know aesthetically I wanted water or some kind of seascape because of the connectivity of water to life and ultimately all of us to each other.

Sunrise Therapy Services : Do you consider art a form of therapy or therapeutic?

Duane Corey: Art for me is therapy. It’s repetitive. Creating art feels good. The more you do it and create, the better you become at your craft.

Sunrise Therapy Services: What advice do you have for future artists or those starting out in their careers?

Duane Corey: My advice to young people or those starting out is to create and do what you love because if you enjoy what you are doing you are likely to be a success at it. I think that everyone has a story to tell whether it’s something you verbalize, demonstrate, or create.

More of his artwork can be found at or on Facebook at ArtByDuane.